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Visual identity of the Discrete Life of Infrathin originated in thinking about the notion of nebulousness, inquiry through the immeasurable and chance. Colour scheme and images’ themes refer to environments susceptible to change or in states of becoming, of fluid identities. Typography conveys ideas of distance, closeness, proximities and liminal character of Marcel’s Duchamp alter ego, Rrose Selavy.


The ever-transforming sky defines the project's visuals pointing to the Air as the dominant element. Divided between starry night dominating the website and day skies defining Instagram page, this motif is intended to convey miniscule transformations across time and weather. Manifestations by day and night of continuous shifting movement. Sky is a void and simultaneously a gap, experience of and in proximity and an overlapping translucent presence. 

Duchamp described  himself as a “respirateur,” or ”breather,” positioning himself outside of retinal art in the process and putting the act of inhaling the air and its subsequent transformation of it at the centre of artistic process. Intangible sky, in a state of continuous change and made of the air necessary to breathe, inhaled with each intake and released, transformed, with every exhale. 


Colours are chosen for their connection to sky and residual energy. They range from blue of the morning sky and sea water, fluid disparate elements, liminal and mercurial; to the yellow of warmth and skintones of flesh, warmth of the sunset, autumn leaves and live body.


Fonts are Selavy and Closer in reference to Marcel’s Duchamp alter ego, Rrose Selavy and to reflect the notion of distance crucial for the concept of Infrathin and immeasurable distance. 


Sélavy is a dotted display typeface loosely based on the 13 punched-out caps on Marcel Duchamp’s 1934 “Green Box” (« LA MARIÉE MISE A NU PAR SES CÉLIBATAIRES MÊME »). The typeface, composed entirely of identical dots, was designed by Nina Stössinger for Paul Soulellis and his project “Library of the Printed Web”, and is released publicly as a free font under the SIL Open Font Licence. © 2013

Designed by Andriy Konstantynov, Closer is a highly customizable Swiss grotesque with an overclosed aperture. Being a bit wider than the average grotesque and featuring some humanistic shapes, the font has been selected for association with distance and measurements.

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