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Researcher and emerging curator, Wojciechowska holds Masters in Fine Art and Art Education (University of ArtsPoznan), and Certificate in Advanced Studies in Curating  (Zurich University of Arts). She co-curated the group exhibition ‘games.fights.encounters’,intended as a tentative investigation on the tension  field between activism and video art at the OnCurating Project Space in Zurich in 2020.


Her main research areas are the performative potential of viewer’s bodies in art experience and destabilisation of identity in Late Capitalism. 

Interested in establishing practice firmly rooted in socio-economic and political context, she works on curatorial applications of her findings, with special interest in going beyond exhibition-making and projects taken outside of traditionally understood art space, platforms of exchange and creative pooling. 


Focused on transdisciplinary ways of working and broadly defined collaboration she looks to scenarios engaging artists, researchers, activists, grassroots movements, individuals and collectives, contributors and spectators on equal ground.



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